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Beach Chairs outside the Zetland Arms Kingsdown near Dover

Beach Chairs outside the Zetland Arms Kingsdown near Dover

Ian, my UK host and I walked cross country from his house, through public footpaths (i.e. grass tracks) criss crossing through farmland to the Dover Patrol Monument then along the White Cliffs of Dover (how cool is it to say that!) to the Zetland Arms near Walmar and Deal.

The south of the UK was in the midst of a heat wave at the time, 30C plus most days, so it was a hot seven kilometre walk. It doesn't seem much but in the morning I did another seven kilometres walking around Dover itself, while Ian worked from home. Once I got home I got barely twenty minutes to put my feet up until Ian told me we were off again to the Zetland Arms.

I'm not a big beer drinker but even I was hanging out for a "pint" when we got to the Zetland Arms, in fact I had a second in quick succession. I was even considering a third, but I was saved when Ian's wife Julie arrived in her car on her way home from work and picked Ian and I up and took us home. Perhaps had I had that third pint I may have been up for trying some pork scratchings.