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Matthew Peploe Tour Aotearoa 2016

Matthew Peploe Tour Aotearoa 2016

Matthew Peploe riding from Cape Reinga (top of New Zealand's North Island) to Bluff (bottom of New Zealand's South Island) via a 3000km journey. There are basically only two rules - you cannot accept outside assistance, and you must rest a minimum of six hours a day - other than that it's up to them. They stop, eat, sleep wherever they like - under the stars in sleeping bags, tents, camping grounds, hotels, motels, it's up to them.

Three hundred people started in the last week of February - no entry fee, no prize money, no medals, no speeches, but a margnificigant feeling of achievement no amount of money could buy. I've just remembered the third rule - you have to finish in 30 days.

Notice the small amount of gear Matthew needs for a 3000km bike ride!

I actually rode along with Matthew for about 10kms. I very much hope I wasn't a nuisance - I probably was!