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Bananas in Pyjamas Wellington City

Bananas in Pyjamas Wellington City

Having B1 posing (he wasn't really "stealing") was quite relevant. I was telling my daughter recently that I had an interesting incident at work. (I work in Marine Search and Rescue)

A group of four people beached their large 450kg inflatable high and dry on a beach in Foveaux Strait and radioed me asking for a helicopter to come get them - he told me to ask the a "B1" helicopter.

The skipper of the vessel radioed me back a few minutes later saying that they needed "B2" as they wanted the helicopter to airlift the 450kg inflatable 30km back to their base as well!

I rang the helicopter base a second time and told them "cancel B1, they want B2!"explaining they wanted their inflatable airlifted to safety "Oh, in that case we'll use B3!"

You probably had to have had kids back in the early 1990s to understand the references to B1 and B2 or "The Bananas in Pyjamas"