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Ian and Wendy Tour Aotearoa  2016

Ian and Wendy Tour Aotearoa 2016

I've been following the Tour Aotearoa on their excellent GPS Tracker and last night around 8.30pm I saw Ian and Wendy approaching the Silverstream Bridge so I quickly rushed out to meet and cheer them on as they came past. They had time up their sleeve to get to the ferry to cross over to the South Island, so we had a good chat before they cycled off into the night and another 200 plus kilometre day done.

Ian and Wendy if you see this photo, my absolute pleasure to meet the two of you and you have my utmost respect for your amazing 3000km adventure from Cape Reinga to Bluff.
(I assume this link will expire after the event)

This is lit by a orange street light used to light the carpark underneath the Silverstream Railway Bridge. It doesn't look it but it was dark and the camera could only just see Ian and Wendy to get a focus on them. Shot at ISO 2000 and at 1/4 second with a Tamron 24 - 70mm Image Stabilised lens (not Sigma as per the EXIF) Basically the 5DMKII has turned almost darkness into daylight. I have altered the White Balance to remove the orange tint. I am quite amazed as at first I left the camera in the car as I thought I had now show of getting a photo here, but I got it out and had a quick practice before they arrived.