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Jim Wellington City Jan 2015

Jim Wellington City Jan 2015

I was leaving Wellington City this afternoon and saw a gent walking down the footpath on the opposite side of the road to me and I took a second look and realised: "Crikey, that's Jim!"
Definitely worth a U turn.

Jim and I were roommates at the Post Office Accommodation Centre in 1980. (In New Zealand room mate means exactly that, we shared the same room.)

We bonded over listening to music. Jim had a big Sharp Ghetto Blaster that did amazing things like skip to the next track etc (via cassette tape.)

Jim introduced me to Jon English, Pat Benatar (or did I discover her?) Neil Diamond (although I knew him previously of course), The Devil goes down to Georgia (Jim was a big fan of the song,) and also a big fan of Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle" or was it "I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song?" This also was the time when Cliff Richard's "Carrie" was on the radio every hour of the day.

Jim even convinced me to go an see the newly released Bo Derek film "10" when it came out, well Jim and a few others.

Jim and I were at the POAC during 1980 and after we went our separate ways I didn't see Jim again until 2000 for a few minutes and then again today. We may have ended up life long friends but our jobs took us to different places around New Zealand over the years, our lives took the usual twists and turns, so it wasn't to be.

Nice to catch up today Jim and all the very best and congratulations on your upcoming Nelson holiday.

Almost forgot, take a look at Jim's photostream. I am by no means being sycophantic when I say it is one of the best and imaginative on Flickr. Jim sees things most of us simply don't notice. His captions are also well thought out and very clever.