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Lee Day Three Nelson to Auckland Dec 14

Lee Day Three Nelson to Auckland Dec 14

I couldn't believe it - for once I saw a cyclist in front of me and I was gaining on him. Fair enough though, as you can see Lee was carting a lot more on his bike than me. The problem was should I put my foot down to try to catch him or would he disappear, as I was about to turn off to head up the Korokoro Hills in a couple of kilometres.

Lee flew to Nelson from Auckland and was cycling back home - he had just got off the Cook Strait Ferry and was leaving Wellington. We chatted for 20 minutes and sadly we had to go our own ways after a very nice meeting and chat indeed.

Super nice to meet you Lee and hope your trip is going well!
Not every single person in my "Cyclists (and others) I have met along the way" album have been scintillating conversation, but of course I could never tell ;-)

Almost forgot, absolutely love the colour of the bike, and once again the good old Samsung Galaxy S4 takes a most decent photo and just as well, as Lee is a professional photographer!