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Shainez and Dorian from France Apr 2016

Shainez and Dorian from France Apr 2016

I was about to have a coke stop at the Te Marua Dairy when Shainez and Dorian stopped on the other side of the road. I sacrificed my rest stop (and coke!) and showed them the way to the start of the RImuatka Rail Trail.

So far they have backpacked India, Uzbekistan, SE Asia, bought their bikes in China and flew then rode from Sydney to Melbourne Australia, flew to Christchurch New Zealand and are heading up to Auckland. From there they will fly to San Fransisco, ride to Chicago, then fly home to Paris.

I surprised them by guessing their jobs pretty accurately. I guessed Shainez was something medical or a pharmacist - she is a dietitian. I guessed (my very first guess) was that Dorian was a teacher but said "No because you swear too much, so are you an architect?" Shane and Dorian was taken aback as he is an Architect for Interiors (wondering if that means Interior Designer) but either way, pretty good guess I (and they) thought.